RULES AND BYE – LAWS (The activities of the Association shall be strictly in accordance with the provisions of Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act No.22 of 1995) 

1. Name : Confederation of Kerala Sahodaya Complexes (herein after called the ‘Confederation’)  

2. Office :Benchmark International School, Tirur, Kerala - 676101

3. Address : Same as above 

4. Area of operation : All over Kerala State 

5. Aims and objectives : The objectives for which the association is established are: 

a. To hold and conduct training programs, lectures, conferences, seminars Exhibitions, camps and competitions on matters related to academic, curricular and extra curricular activities for the students of CBSE Schools in Kerala State. 

b. To give scholarships, certificates and awards to those who participate in the activities. 

c. To give awards to those who prove their merits in the fields related to education and environmental protection. 

d. To conduct educational, vocational and career guidance and counseling programmes. 

e. To print and publish journals, periodicals, books and other reading and pictorial matters and also produce audio and video programmes on cultural, educational and social diversity in order to promote education,national integrity and global understanding. 

f. To help individuals and groups to acquire a set of values and concern for environment and fellow beings. 

g. To collect compile and document literature related to diversity of education and career. 

h. To collaborate with various state, national and other organizations with similar objectives for educational, conservation and sustainable development of peace and justice. 

i. To generate funds for various activities from the following sources. 

  • Subscription
  • Government and non-Governmental grant and loans
  • Donation & Sponsorship
  • Students’ contribution
  • Teachers’ contribution

j. To distribute grants and loans received from Governmental agencies (to utilize the income as generated above for the development of cultural, social and charitable purpose.

k. To do all lawful deeds as are essential or conducive to the attainment of the objectives of the association. 

l. The objectives/ clauses within these rules and regulations will not be altered except by a special resolution passed at a special meeting of the General Body. 

m. In these Bye-Laws unless there be anything in the context repugnant or inconsistent there with, the Act shall mean the Travancore Cochin Literary Scientific and Charitable societies Registration Act, 1955 (Act 22 of 1955) or any re-enactment thereof for the time being in force.